What is PublishMyMusic?

Before PublishMyMusic came along, an artist spent hours upon hours seeking out publishers and then countless additional hours negotiating contracts. It was done because that was the way things were. It is the way they always have been.  But favorable results happened all too infrequently.

While you are waiting for that magical day to arrive, you can publish YOUR OWN music right here on PublishMyMusic. You set the price and you decide if you want to share your earnings with fans who share links to your music. You also determine how much and which portion of each tune you'd like to make available for preview. In other words, you are in complete control of publishing, selling and promoting your music using social sharing tools built right into the system. (more in the document titled "How To Publish Music")

PublishMyMusic Facts:

  • We are NOT a music publisher. We own no rights to anything you produce. You only have to share a small part of the earnings with us so that we can pay the bills and keep the site running.
  • We DO NOT bind you to any exclusivity. If a major label comes along and wants to publish your music, you can simply delete your music from here (or whatever your contract with them dictates) and go big time.
  • We DO NOT mess around with your earnings. Your percentage stays fixed, even if we sell credits at volume discount. We absorb all of the discount out of our portion you you always know exactly how much you are earning.
  • We are NOT greedy. We only keep a small 15% fee for songs that sell. You keep $.85 of every dollar in earnings. (this is half the fees of other online publishers such as iTunes and Amazon)