How to Publish Music

Publishing your music is easy. PublishMyMusic currently supports MP3, WAV or WMA files. Click on the 'Publish Music' tab at the top of your screen and then  follow these simple steps:

Step 1:

Click on the 'Upload Audio Files' button to start the process.

Step 2:

The screen will darken and a popup appears where you will select music files from your computer and upload them.  Begin by clicking on the 'Select File(s)' button.

You may select multiple files to upload. Once you have selected the files you want to upload, click on the 'Start Upload' button.

You will see red progress bars as each file is uploaded. Wait until all files are uploaded then click on the 'X' in the lower right corner to close this popup box.

Step 3:

When the popup closes, you will see your new files listed. Note that the background of each file is light blue. This tells you that the file is not yet published. This means it does not show up in the catalog for others to see or purchase yet.

Before your song is ready to publish, you need to provide some additional information. Click on the + sign next to any of your songs.

An area opens up below the title of your song where you can edit the title or band name, set the price and share value, select a segment of the tune to generate a preview and mark the song if it contains explicit lyrics. Please look closely at the image below for examples.

Note that you will not be able to publish your song until you have generated a preview. Also, if you do not set a price, your song will be available for free download. The PublishMyMusic system uses credits for purchase. One credit is one penny so 100 credits means you will sell your song for one dollar. Use the sliders on the screen to set the appropriate values. The share value indicates how much of your portion of the revenue you want to give to those who help by sharing your music on their own social networks

When all of the information is complete, click on 'Publish' in the top right of the information block.

You much agree that you own rights to publish this song and to earn money from it. Our lawyers insist that this action be performed on each song you publish. Please read this carefully and click on 'Agree' to publish your song.

Your song is now published as is indicated by the white background behind your song title. Note that if at any time you want to remove your song from the published catalog, return to this page and click on 'Unpublish.'